SEXY, yet classy, beautiful, bold and sensual…

These photo sessions are all about YOU giving you a chance to flaunt your inner diva! These sessions are fun, comfortable and empowering.

Before the shoot, we have a consultation either in person or by phone. We start by discussing the kinds of images that you desire and how you wish to have them presented.

Typical shoot is about 4 hours long and I do not have a limit on outfit changes. We start off with casual items and slowly progress into more revealing clothing.

At the end of the shoot, You will select 20 images which will be professionally edited and you will receive these images with various artistic effects.



Up to four hour session at location of your choice, SIP Studio, your home or somewhere else.
You will receive up to 150 images which will have basic processing included.
Your top 20 images will have additional editing.

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Spirits Intrigued Photography Boudoir Session Pricing Kitchener Waterloo London 2022


How do I book a shoot?

Simple... connect with me and give me a few details. I will guide you through the rest.


Studio, your house or somewhere else.
Renting a hotel suite can be arranged as well.

What is your typical timeline?

I deliver images within a few weeks unless its a busy time of the year, like fall :-)

How do I pay?

Payments are made just before the shoot via e-transfer.

How long is the shoot?

Most of the times its 2-3 hours but if we need bit more time, that is not an issue.

Do you provide clothing?

No, I don't but we will chat about what you should bring, what kind of accessories are needed and how to do your makeup.