Hey, I'm Alex.

I am a wedding photographer who lives to document the adventure, heart & spirit within each wedding day.

I look to work with couples who want unique and creative images, along with personal service and wedding guidance throughout their journey.

My approach is simple and honest with all focus being on ensuring that the day runs smoothly and my clients are relaxed, happy and soaking up the magical moments happening all around them.


My photography is predominantly documentary, with a side of fun, adventure and creativity.

I am not a passive photographer. My past clients will tell you that I'm always on the move, capturing details and connections, always anticipating the next memorable moment.

The result is that couples receive not only the must-have and most beautiful memories, but also the ones they didn't even know happened until they receive their proofs.

I love shooting with a shallow depth of field to really isolate and feature each couple amid the environment around them. This results in dreamy bokeh backgrounds as well.

No two shoots are ever the same. But feeling like yourself in front of the camera, while also getting some incredible images, are the balance that I shoot for in each session, whether it's an engagement shoot, wedding, or family session.


My gear is entirely Nikon. Almost all my lenses are 1.4s for that spectacular shallow depth of field.

If gear is important to you, please feel welcome to ask me more about this. I'm happy to talk tech with you!

On a personal note...


I love travel and nature!

Mountains, water and forest regardless of where!
Hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and snowboarding are few of the activities I still very much enjoy.
Some fave spots are Alberta, British Columbia and Oregon!
Great memories of East Coast too!

Leave footprints, take pictures!
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