Images to reveal the spirit within

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This is not a job, this is who I am. Photography is a part of me, I don’t think about it, I just grasp the camera and press the shutter button.



From the way I conduct myself, to the way I dress, I am committed to maintain a high level of Professionalism.



Constantly challenging myself to do better, to find that angle, position and light. Offering unique and creative images is imperative!


Helping people of Fort McMurray
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This past week I have been watching the news in Fort McMurray. Hearing the stories of survival, watching amazing videos of fire and seeing the images of destroyed structures makes me think about the people... Read More

The Brief Moment in Time
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This collection of images has been on my list of images to capture for many years! I love the detail of the water drops creating a splash and the ability to capture this brief moment.... Read More

Some write their story…
While other’s tell them…
Yet, he will inspire and photograph your story….
To intrigue the spirit within…


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